A-Z™ Technical Analysis Course

Through Stox Master's structured lessons, interactive instruction, and dedicated support you will learn technical analysis whether it's trading for short-term income or investing for long-term wealth for retirement.

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What Will I Learn?
  • Special Stox Master Setup to Trade
  • All about the Stock Market from Basics to Live Trade
  • Exact Entry/Exit and Stocks Trend Identification

Curriculum For This Course
39 Lessons
Introduction To Technical Analysis
5 Lessons
  • Introduction
  • Why most people fail in making money in stock market?
  • How to know the direction of market?
  • Start from the Basics of Nifty
  • Charts used in Stock Market
  • Basics of Candlestick Charts
  • How to Read and Analyse this charts
  • Important Chart Patterns
  • Important Chart Patterns
  • Identifying the Trades
  • Why Oscillators are used?
  • Types of Oscillators & their importance
  • Importance of Support & Resistance
  • Why & How Support & Resistances are Used ?
  • How to know when trend is about to reverse ?
  • Types of Moving Averages
  • How to identity short term, mid term and Long term trades ?
  • Importance of Timeframes
  • StoxMaster Setup in Trending Market
  • StoxMaster Setup in Non-Trending Market
  • Introduction to Ichimoku
  • Complete Analysis of Stocks using Ichimoku Clouds
  • Basics of Futures & Options
  • How Futures Work ?
  • Data Reading : Open Interest & Volume
  • How to trade in Futures ?
  • How to know financial strength & Growth of company ?
  • How to analyse profit & loss statement of Company ?
  • Filter out stocks for Intraday Trading
  • Filter out stocks for Positional Trading
  • Filter out stocks for Swing Trading
  • Technical Analysis: Important Tools
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Reward Ratio, Position Size, Targets and Stop Loss
  • How to maximize the profits from your trade ?
  • How to Effectively use Stop Loss?
  • Fund Allocation In Stocks
  • Checklist of Entering & Exiting Trades
  • Conclusion of Course
About The Instructor
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At Stox Master, Earn a simple, rule–based strategy that's designed to keep you on the winning side of trades. By studying the rhythm of the market, you can learn to use Stox Master’s Core Strategy to find high probability trading and investing opportunities - whether the market is up or down without giving much time during the market hours.

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  • Shailendra Kumar
    After loosing so much in stock market, FInally i have found one person who have helped me in recovering my losses through proper training.
  • Madhusudan Reddy
    Very informative, I like how he emphasizes whats really important. I had some prior knowledge about the stock market and how to trade but taking this course definitely helps me put more attention to what matters when trading.
  • Divyesh Patel
    Excellent course! Well organized, I perfectly understood everything he teaches. Just right for a newbie investor who wants to learn the basics and not so basics of technical analysis and trading.
  • Virendra Pal
    This instructor was easy to follow, giving real life examples of strategies and trading. I like the fact that in each scenario he provides a reason why he does the things he does.
  • Ashish Mehta
    Good info,strategies work fine but i have no patience. I was expecting more from course.
  • Jayshree Kulkarni
    very very very very informative this guy goes in to lots of details, it's like a school for the stock market
  • Pravina Panchal
    not too bad actually, it goes over the fundemental strategies of trading. In which is really very good for first time investors. The sections on charting and risk analysis is good as well.
  • Anonymous anonymious
    I was expecting something else.
  • Dr.Dhvanil Patil
    I'm new to trading and I was looking for a course the would cover all the basics. I feel by taking course I have a better all the understanding on how trade now. I like the instructor was engaging and experienced.He made it easy to understand all the terminology and fundamentals. I feel like I'm ready to start trading with all the have learned here. I cant think of anything to add to this course I think every was excellent from the pace to the all the content the was cover. definitely 5 stars!!